Choosing The Right Moving Company: Tips

Are you moving out of your house soon? There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before hiring the most suitable moving company. A solid research work is needed before giving your precious household items to a company for packing and transporting to a new place. Here’s how you should start your search for the right packing and moving company:

You need to start well in advance

If you are leaving this huge task for a day or two before the moving day, you’re most definitely in trouble. If you want to get the right company, you are required to do comparisons between at least ten companies around your locality. This takes time and effort. Nothing comes easy.

Read their reviews online

The best way to choose your packing and moving company are by reading reviews online and ask for recommendations from your friends and colleagues. I agree that reviews might be fake or paid ones. Just to tackle this issue, only read the reviews on trusted business directories like Yelp and Google businesses. Reviews are beneficial in choosing the perfect company for your needs. Check out the reviews for Some companies offer a variety of services which others don’t. You might need to avail extended services so, reviews can clear your doubts.

Delicate items need expert movers

There are many items which need special attention while packing and transporting. Things like a Piano, or heavy equipment of your gym are required to be packed carefully. Contact the potential companies and ask them whether they can manage these heavy and delicate items or not. If they deny, crossing them off your list becomes easier. Ask them if they have done this kind of packing and moving before or not. If they have, ask them for references from where you can cross verify. This might seem a lot of questions to you but believe me; you wouldn’t want anything wrong to happen with your Piano or Pool table.

Ask them for quotations

It is time to ask the shortlisted companies for their quotations. Call them up and ask for the estimated cost of the entire process. Also, check if they are providing the boxes and packing supplies themselves or expecting you to get them. Ask about insurance if anything goes down south. Don’t forget to clarify your doubts on the extra charges they might add with your final bill.

Don’t go for the cheapest

Never hire a company which is providing you with the cheapest service. There might be a reason behind it, and you wouldn’t want to risk it for a few bucks. Look for quality. If 9 out of 10 companies are having similar rates and one is just too cheap, it’s a sign that it might be a scammer of a company which doesn’t get much work because of bad quality service. It is always important to find the perfect balance between quality and cost.

How To Install a New Bathtub In Your Bathroom?

Installing a bathtub is probably one of the most exciting and challenging projects you can take over. Bathtub installation is truly a hassle as not all of us have a king-size bathroom in our home. Not just the removal and installation process, it also includes a moderate amount of plumbing and sealing work which makes it even more difficult to perform DIY.

However, success can be achieved if you are passionate and determined enough to give your bathroom a bathtub which you and your family will use for years to come.

What do You Need?

You’ll need to arrange proper tools for performing this massive task. Firstly, you’ll have to plan the removal of your old bathtub from your bathroom. You’ll be needing tools such as Pliers, Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Caulk Remover, Green cement board, Measuring tape, Putty, and Mortar. Get these things arranged as soon as possible and you are ready to go.

You’ll also need protective eyeglasses and plumbing gloves to protect your body from any harm. If you don’t want to do it yourself, contact for the best services.

How To Remove The Old Bathtub?

Cut off the main water supply and let the pipelines drain. After the still water is drained from the lines, unscrew the drain from the old bathtub. Remove all the plumbings using wrenches and screwdrivers from the surface and tub sides.

After this, replace all the faucet stems while you are working on the bathtub. Once all the faucets are removed with striped caulking, you are needed to remove some tiles around the bathtub. Make sure that you are wearing protective gears while doing so.

Use wooden levers to skid the old bathtub from its initial position. Since bathtubs are stout, you will need extra workforce to life it and move it out of the bathroom.

How To Install A New Bathtub?

Give the new bathtub a push and use a piece of marking equipment to indicate the top flange. Now make marks for the ledger boards an inch below the initial targets. You will have to repeat this process for all the sides where wall studs are placed.

Use the putty as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Cover the drain after installing the flanges.

After these things, you will have to install the shoes of the bathtub. You’ll need mortar for this task. Mix it as per the instructions and spread it on the floor. Set the bathtub on the subfloor with the help of wooden drift and manpower. Now, hookup the drain with the bathtub and see if the tub is completely secured.

Now re-connect the faucets using new faucet stems. For this, screwdrivers are needed. Make sure that the shoe and overflow drain are functioning properly.

Final Step

Now restore the water supply and investigate if there are any leaks. The drain should be removing all the water, and the shoe should be holding correctly. You also need to check the access panel of the tub while finishing the installation process.


A Must Have Guide on Moving Supplies

It is not just the cardboard boxes and the packing tapes that you need while making a move out of your old home. A lot of packing supplies are required when it comes to an organized move. In this video you can find out plenty of important tips and tricks which you’d absolutely love:

However, if you are still not convinced with the importance of packing and moving supplies, please make sure to contact and read the entire post:


Boxes are probably the most crucial packing and moving supply. It is, in fact, the essential thing we need to move from one home to another. You will require different sized boxes for different things. You’ll need small boxes for packing things like clothes, stationery items, loose items which did not make into any of your packing categories.

Make sure not to buy a lot of small-sized boxes as they are not required in abundance. Buy a lot of medium-sized boxes. They will be needed for packing up kitchen items, small and medium electrical appliances, bathroom items, and others.

Packing Tape

You will need a set of premium quality packing tapes. You’ll be needing plenty of them. First off, you will be needing these tapes to build the packing boxes. Once they are filled with your things, you will need more tape to seal them off. Make sure to buy durable rolls of tape.

During transportation, if the packing seals break open and your valuables get damaged, you would only have yourself to blame for not buying better quality tapes. And believe us. This kind of mishaps happens very frequently during relocation.

Bubble wrap and packing paper

Bubble wraps are used to give air cushions to fragile things like glass dishes, porcelain, and other breakable products. To get the maximum efficiency out of the bubble wraps, make medium-sized envelopes using packing tapes, and then fill them with all the fragile stuff you have.

If the cost of bubble wraps are on the higher side, make use of packing papers instead. These papers are thin and very economical. However, they are not as efficient as the bubble wraps; they can do the work if the roads are not too bad. Contact for the best moving and packing experience.

Labels and Markers

Labels and markers are needed during packing. Labels, such as sticky notes, you can get from any stationary shop. Even you can get almost 50% of the packing supplies such as labels, markets, tapes, and packing papers from a stationary shop.

Label the boxes “FRAGILE,” which have breakable and glass items. Accordingly, mark all the packed boxes according to the things you have packed inside.

These are mostly all of the packing supplies you will need while relocating. We hope that this post has added value in your life. Please share your feedback and let us know how we can help you more?

According to the comments we get, we’ll decide the topics of our next blogs. Feel free to contribute!